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Fay Kazi-Tani

Dear Beauty Readers,
Welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting. I am a poet, teacher, healer, creatress, lightworker,  mental health and wellness advocate, a free spirit, and most of all, a lover. A lover of life, of nature, the cosmos, and of this beautiful planet Earth. I am most happiest under the sun, in the sea, swimming free, bountifully, and blissfully. I adore days where I can be one, amongst natures creation. Amongst the wildflowers, Weeping Willows, and wise old oak trees.  Full of whimsy and life, I have an everflowing passion for helping others on their healing journey. Through my creations and inspirations, I follow my bliss as I endeavour to help you remember how special and loved you are. I hope to encourage you to unearth your special gifts and become all that you are and are destined to be and become. Through my heartfelt poetry and verse, I share messages from my Soul, with the most sincere intent to guide you towards connecting with your heart and your beautiful radiant essence, your Soul.

The free verse poetry that flows through the pages of my new book: "Poem  22: Love Notes to Soul", began 12 years ago... I share them with you now, as my heart knows I need to...So, dear reader, please know...this creation, this book is all because of the love and passion I have for helping humanity remember how special they are...and you, dear reader, are my inspiration...

"If I came here to feel it all for you...

All that I have felt


The pains

The depths

The edges...

If I came here to feel it all for you sweet one...

If it were all for me to be here, now, writing to you, sweet Soul...

Well, I’d do it all over again."

~ Fay Kazi-Tani

Poem 22:Love Notes to Soul

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Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul 

~Written by Fay Kazi-Tani

Available to Order Worldwide Now!

Welcome to my heart's creation: my first book from the "Love Notes to Soul Collection".

"Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul", is a gentle collection of story and sweet poetic verse. These free flowing poems, verses, and messages are from my whimsical Soul.  They are celestial, ethereal, authentic, and raw. The poems, verses, and messages that lie among the pages of my new book are taken directly from my journals from 2011. This is when I began my healing journey towards, the soulfully inspired phases of feeling, healing & becoming.

The book is divided into 3 poetic sections: Feel, Heal & Become. "Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul", welcomes you dear reader, with an introduction to my personal story and how the book came to be before entering into an enchanting cosmic dance of verse and poetry.

These writings are messages from my Soul and my angels as it was their voice that was guiding me towards feeling, healing, and becoming every step of the way. It was their presence pulling me through and encouraging me during the most challenging times and the deepest healing moments. Maybe you have felt that type of presence as well?

I have never shared my poetry with anyone before…

So you, sweet being, will be the first to lay your eyes upon my heart’s creation. I am sharing these writings with you now, so that you can have that voice to guide you when you don’t have one of your own; no matter what you are going through, this voice will reside among the pages between your palms. You do not have to believe in spirit or angels, or anything of that nature to enjoy the poetry, magic, and verse that await for you among these moon paper pages or to embrace the love, emotion, warmth, and healing that these words have for you. Take what you need, let the words wash over you, and give you the healing that you need, and wish to receive. 

Lots of love always, 


~I also look forward to you discovering "Poem 22" in the book,

which I like to call the book's heart and Soul~


Fay Kazi-Tani

Why I Am Here

I came undone

And that’s when my healing journey begun

I surrendered under the Central Sun

My heart

I fell apart

The light came in

And my healing journey was set to begin

I learned to love myself again

And there, I found myself again

Only to remember who I was and who I’d always been

I began to get excited

About who I was becoming

And so…

Through loving myself…

I became more of myself…

An expression so loving…

That tears stream onto the pages

That I write for you

Hoping to

Inspire you

To love yourself again

To connect within

To dance with your Soul

Forget what you’ve been told

To break the mold

And become more of yourself again

To feel

To heal

To be heard

To be seen

To heal and love yourself again.

~Fay Kazi-Tani

Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul

“So excited that one day my book will be in someone’s hand, and they will read and sense the compassion and loving essence of my words and maybe feel something...

And perhaps even heal something.”

~Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul


Fay Kazi-Tani



Fay Kazi-Tani

“Words would flow through me, and still do, in the most ethereal of ways; in waves and colours.  I feel like I am in another space and time, realm, or dimension; where I connect within, to the layers beneath my rib cage, to the core of my being... to my Soul… and I write from there; that space of pure essence.”

~Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul


The Story of Fay Kazi-Tani

I have always felt things deeply since I was a child. I was connected so very spiritually to the Universe, to nature, to my angels, the fairy realm, to Mother Earth/Gaia, goddess wisdom, and the life force energy that flows through each of us. I am and have always been a deeply empathic and a compassionate Soul, drawn to all things magical, celestial, natural, and healing. I have always created time to connect to myself, my heart, and my being. My heart space is my Soul place, and one of my most favourite places to settle into.
Deeply caring, always wanting to help, heal, and nurture others. I would write poetry and journal for hours, lost in imagery, feeling, and colourful emotion; never thinking I would share one day. Never did I think that my writing and verse would become what it has been today... as a channel for healing, my healing, and now others healing, health & happiness. I’m still amazed as I write to you now. So excited that one day my book will be in your hands, and you will read and sense the compassion and loving essence of my words and maybe feel something... and perhaps even heal something...and what a most beautiful thing that would be.

“I feel immense empathy, love, and compassion.

With the healing inspiration flowing through the poetry and verse which ignites me.

With such intention and intensity.

With the only intention being to help thee.

So take these words as whispers to your Soul, and let them wash over you.”

~Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul


Fay Kazi-Tani


“It was through my pain and reaching my edge that I had come to meet and touch my beautiful Soul. I sank deep into my heart, I felt and embraced my radiant essence, and unearthed the raw, authentic self that had lived lifetimes before. This is where my healing journey began, the depth of my heart began to expand, and the essence of who I truly am, came to hold my hand.”

~Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul


Fay Kazi-Tani



Fay Kazi-Tani

“and at that moment, as the tears ran down my cheeks and my heart felt a million and two things, I felt a huge pull to share these healing words with you, as that voice that came through on those pages... well, dear reader, they were love notes from my Soul.”

~Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul

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