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Fay Kazi-Tani's soulful poetic messages guide people on a journey of feeling, healing & becoming. Her soulfully inspired poems are truly magical.  

Here you will find the latest coverage of Fay's work and interviews where she shares her inspiration, wellness journey and her poetic and soulful story. If you would like to interview Fay, please get in touch through her contact page.

Podcast & YouTube~ A Soulful Conversation~

 In this episode 22! Yes, coincidently, 22!  I joined Gillian on her podcast and YouTube channel to discuss my new book: Poem 22: Love Notes to Soul. We have a deep, meaningful, & Soul inspired conversation which lead to   thought provoking questions about life. We end with a reading from my book...a love note from my Soul. 
~Enjoy beauties~


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