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What they say about Fay...

Pam G.

"And just so you know, you have always been our light and source of inspiration from our very first meeting!!!! You don’t just simply come into our lives, you change them for the better, leaving beautiful footprints on all of our families.💞✨💞"

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Carrie W.

"Fay is a genuine, authentic and beautiful soul, who so naturally desires to share knowledge and help others heal through her many skills and gifts!"

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Cathryn J.

"What I love about Fay is that she is a beautiful person inside and out. Her kind soul, positivity and giving nature is an inspiration to me and my daughter. She is genuine and radiates love and kindness wherever she goes."

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Janice P.

"Slightly above a whisper, Fay is able to speak loudly from her heart in away that leaves you in quiet solitude and contemplative thought. 
Count on Fay to leave you wrapped in pure joy and love."

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"Fay is a kind hearted soul with a positive drive to spread healing. Reflecting on knowledge attained for over a decade, this poetry is sure to enlighten ones journey through growth"

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Akersh B.

"Fay's heart is unimaginably loving, soft and kind, giving out radiant energy wherever she goes.  I believe that is her gift for this world, healing all souls she meets with an effortless grace."

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Bruce & Donna M

"We are so blessed to have Fay’s amazing friendship in our lives! She has the courage of her convictions and is truly inspirational. In her true love of nature and peaceful moments, Fay shares her depth of thought and always has room and sensitivity for ours. Her heart is always in the right place and the world is a much better place for all who value her uplifting, creative mind. Bruce and Donna M."

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Brandi D.

"Fay is a natural positive role model for young and old alike. She has strong convictions and knows her mind as well as her spirit. She cares deeply, laughs easily and speaks honestly."

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Pam N.

"I think you are a beautiful souls Fay and it translates through everything you do for us and the kids!!!! We know you fully support us and we thank you for that, because lord knows we’ve all had some very unflattering moments through all of this covid confusion!!!!

And we appreciate you! 💜"

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